Where to buy Cheongsam Qipao in Singapore?

Where to buy Cheongsams in Singapore

Always wanted a qipao otherwise, known as a cheongsam or a dress with oriental collar? Fret not, we will share the places with you. We believe that beautiful cheongsams should be shared! (Even if we are selling them)

Cheongsams or qipaos are often associated with a Chinese New Year affair, but this elegant dress is often overlooked by many. Many of whom will say I do not have the body shape for it (And no, we disagree, will tell you why later in the post!), or i dislike the high collar, makes me feel like i don't have a neck cos my neck is short. (You can always avoid high collar with a modern twist to a cheongsam silhouette.) or i look like the waitress from the chinese restaurant. 

Well, we figured that high profile personels in offices will always wear one, especially for an important meeting. Our late Mrs LKY is one good example. She will always turn up at events, donning an elegant simple cheongsam.

So, who are our favourites?

1. Studio HHFZ

A homegrown label, the owner of Studio HHFZ does customisation so this is the place to be at if you want a one-of-a-kind piece of the art, amazing piece, we highly recommend this dressmaker. We have followed their Instagram for a while, and truly loved what she has created, design, often with a modern twist, yet elegant and full of details. Don't really want a dress sort of cheongsam? We are pretty confident that she will create a blouse, pants, skirt or even a playsuit for you. 

Check them out here
2. I want the missing piece
Modern refreshed cheongsams that one would wear over and over again, whether CNY or not. Another Singapore homegrown label, despite having cutouts at waist (which most ladies will avoid), it's cut out at the precise area, showing off your curves, flattering what it should. Very pretty we say.
Check them out here 
3. Mama & Misse
A tailor made cheongsam boutique, you can find your traditional qipao with classy mixed of buttons, embroidery, modern and trendy. This is a great choice for brides, mothers of the brides too! We love how they add the details to a traditional cheongsam.

Check them out here

4. Ong Shunmugam

An ex-legal practitioner, if you have a big budget, this is the boss to go to. We love her bold cheongsam designs with a twist. Her collection, modern & fresh. Ong Shunmugan, one of Singapore's most talented dressmaker was also Her World's Young Woman Achiever in 2015. 

Check them out here

5. Lark & Peony

This sell out label from Singapore, focus on fabric, prints, colours. It's always sell out during CNY. 

Check them out here

6. Golden Scissor Cheongsam

Seamstress Madam Li Qiying does bespoke cheongsam designs, and she is at old school People's Park Complex. Another hidden gem if you are in need of a good tailor for qipao. We discovered her when one of her customer decided to help her launch the instagram account.

Check them out here 

7. Fuchsia Lane

The lady boss, Vivienne Lin, uses twed, lace, crepe for her modern cheongsams. They do bespoke too!

Check them out here

8. Purple Cloud

2 ex Ogilvy colleagues of mine decided to design and make cheongsams while they were working overseas. Their designs are modern, whimsical, unique, fun and not your a-typical qipao. Made from material sourced from Hong Kong, Japan, China, their designs are perfect for ladies who prefer something different, not so boring.

Check them out on our website! here

9. Joli Pretty

We really really like their cheongsam collection this year in 2019 and kudos to the team, they have gone a long way! Modern, practical and gorgeous!

Check them out here

10. Sissae Qipao

Lots of satin, they are great at contemporary qipao with their signature handcrafted embroideries and delicate details. Ships to Singapore from Indonesia.

Check them out here

11. Peter Kor

When we saw his collection at Metro last CNY, we thought that the pieces were pretty modern and unique too. Definitely to check out if you are a cheongsam lover!

Check them out here

12. Laichan

Last but not the most important cheongsam maker! They used to be at Raffles Hotel for past 25 years, before the hotel closed for renovation, now they are located at Paragon. The name came from the grand dame of Singapore's Cheongsam maker, Mr Goh Lai Chan. This is our absolute favourite cheongsam maker. He only makes one cheongsam from each print so you won't have to worry about running into someone wearing the same on the street!

Check them out here


We will share mother and daughter stores in another post! Stay tuned! 

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