Top 10 Most Popular Bloggers to follow

Top 10 Most Popular Bloggers to follow

Top 10 Most Popular Bloggers to follow

In recent years, brands have also started to collaborate with these top bloggers who have tens of thousands to millions of followers, resulting in modelling agency restrategizing the ratecard of their models and reaching out to these bloggers for representation.

Are blogs authentic these days? For us, we just love to check out good photos, dress sense of these bloggers. Here's our top 10 favourite fashion bloggers to follow:

1. Chiara Ferragni, The Blonde Salad, @chiaraferragni

With an enviable wardrobe, she is the only fashion blogger who made it to 'Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She made a solid $8 million dollars in 2014. Her blog has garnered close to 3.9 million of followers, and fashion collaboration with major brands including Dior, Steve Madden, Louis Vuitton. "The Blonde Salad" has been featured in major fashion publications and launched a shoe line with innovative retailer Luisa Via Roma.

From her “30 Under 30” write-up: Milan, Italy-based Ferragni started fashion blog The Blonde Salad in 2009. She’s on track to take in $8 million in revenues this year, with 70% coming from her shoe business, launched in 2010. Her shoes, which sell for $220-$500, are in 200 stores in 25 countries. She has more than 3 million Instagram followers.

2. Aimee Song, Song of Style, @songofstyle

Started her career in interior design, originally intended to start a decor blog but became her personal style blog. Her straightforward street-style shots made her popular with brands and followers. With about 2.2 million followers, she also has a YouTube channel. If you need any fashion advice or tips to a fabulous home, here's the blog to look out for.

3. Kristina Bazan, Kayture, @kristina_bazan

Swiss model-blogger has 1.7 million followers on instagram, 1.4 million likes on facebook. She is a favourite with high-end brands, worked with Piaget, Louis Vuitton, etc. Her fashion sense can be described as a mix of classic elegance with modern touches, minimalistic designs with bold statement accessories.

4. Nicole Warne, Gary Pepper Girl, @garypeppergirl

Based in Sydney, she launched Gary Pepper as a vintage e-commerce site in 2009. Started out blogging and modelling the clothes to market the website, by 2011, it was one of the biggest online vintage retailers in Australia. Now, she focus on this little side project.

5. Zanita Whittington, Zanita, @zanitazanita

Stockholm-based Aussie fashion blogger-model-photographer travels the world and is currently featured in Fashion Bloggers TV alongside with her fellow Aussie bloggers. Eclectic personal style, we find her pretty cool.

6. Margaret Zhang, Shine by Three, @margaret__zhang

A law student by day, she runs her successful fashion blog where she shoots, writes, styles and collaborates with major brands. By the way, she is also a maths genius and a ballet dancer. Self taught photographer, she is also currently hosting a TV show alongside with her fellow Aussie bloggers. She believes that personal style is working with what you have, not necessary expensive.

7. Velda Tan, @belluspuera

Ex co-owner of Love Bonito and current founder of Collate the Label, her fashion style becomes an inspiration for the locals in Singapore and around the world. Recently launched her line at Singapore Fashion Week, this stylish girl next door fashion entrepreneur and fashion influencer has about 120k followers and an inspiration for us. Her collection tells us a lot about her style - classic clean lines and structured silhouttes that works for anyone - peplum, sexy, details.

8. Andrea Chong, dreachong, @dreachong

Started out as a fashion model for blogshops in 2009 from The Tinsel Rack, MDS Collections, etc, she decided to build her fashion identity to showcase her love for fashion. A successful blogger in Singapore, from being a host on F Word to emceeing an exclusive showcase for Victoria Beckham, brands like Topshop, Kate Spade Saturday, Samsung has worked with her. She writes about her love for fashion travel, friends and food. Her sense of style is casual yet classy and sophisticated, keeping her relatable and inspiring.

9. Melissa C Koh, Melissackoh, @melissackoh

Melissa was working in a reputable bank before she decided to pursue her passion in fashion. She is also the face for her online fashion store Ladymojo. Major brands have also sought after her fans via her instagram account. She currently has 153k followers. She post pictures of her fashion, beauty and travel regularly. Her fresh face, wide smile has stole the hearts of many of her versatility across different styles. 

10. Rachel Lim, Ms_Rach, @ms_rach

One of the co-founders of Love Bonito, she was featured in a recent video by The New York Times. Currently the creative director at Love Bonito, her style is a little edgy compared to Viola or Velda.

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