5 Spring Trends in 2015

5 Spring Trends in 2015

5 Spring Trends in 2015

We love fashion, designs and trends! This spring, we share 5 styles that we will be bringing to our customers. Curated the best quality pieces for our customers, our choice will definitely be a classic in your collection. It's time to restyle your wardrobe.

The girl in the white dress
Textured, layering is definitely a hit this spring.

Pretty Delicate Lace
Textured lace, combination of sporty details in super sized lace, asymmetrical shapes that transits seamlessly from day to night.

Shirt Dresses Essentials
Designers reimagined, classic shirt dress with a twist using different texture, prints, blocks.

Monochrome is a visual art
Black and white is also everywhere, with this season making the colour combination more interesting through texture, silhouttes and patterns.

The case of Jumpsuits Culottes
From street style stars to A-listers, designers have capitalised on the item’s popularity for Spring 2015. Voluminous at the bottom, stylish with high heels and tailored buttons downs

What's going to be your style this spring? Hashtag #frockalicious in your OOTD on @frockalicious

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